Найдите предложение с сослагательным наклонением (The subjunctive Mood)
a) Look at the blackboard!
b) She passed the exam
c) America was discovered by Columbus
d) If he were at home now
e) She sent the letter yesterday
С объяснением.

Предложение с сослагательным наклонением
d) If he were at home now - это выражение желания того, чего нет, описание нереальной ситуации.
Перевести можно как "если бы я сейчас был дома" (а на самом деле я сейчас не там). Поскольку это сослагательное наклонение - то после местоимения he употреблен глагол were, хотя обычно в других ситуациях использовали бы глагол was.
Предложение под a) - повелительное наклонение - "посмотрите на доску".
Остальные предложения - изъявительное наклонение - то есть просто описание реальных событий.

D) если бы он был сейчас дома. Если бы - частица сослаг накл.

10 предложений о своей любимой группе на английском

My lover band is american band "Humming House". The musicians in that band are very talanted. The band consists of 4 people. Band from Nashville. This band is very famous. Recently they were in my city and I was at their concert. i really liked the concert. Live music sounded different. After the concert, I was able to approach everyone and say "Hello". And then managed to take an autograph from the two.

В каком времени нужно написать следующие предложения на английском языке? 1) Мария любит гулять в парке около дома. 2) Ты когда-нибудь был в местном зоопарке? 3) На прошлой неделе я был в школьной библиотеке. 4) Вчера мы играли в шахматы течении всего вечера. 5) Я никогда не водил машину.

1) Present Simple (постоянное действие)
2) Present Perfect ( слово-сигнал "когда-нибудь")
3) Past Simple ( слово-сигнал "на прошлой неделе"
4) Past Continuous (. "вчера. В течении всего дня)
5) Present Perfect (. "никогда")

Maria likes walking in the park near the house ( present simple)
2) Have you ever been to the Zoo in? (Present perfect)
3) I was in school library last week (simple past)
4) We were playing cheese all the evening yesterday (past continuous)
5) I have never driven car ( present perfect)

Определите время и вид предложений, переведите
1) if you had time you would help me
2) if i have time i shall help you
3) if the weather is fine he will go for a wolk
4) if the weather had been warm they would have gone to the river yesterday

1) если бы у тебя было время, ты бы помог мне (условное предложение 2 типа).  Время:  If Past Simple- would +inf
2) если у меня будет время, я помогу тебе (условное предложение 1 типа) Время:  If Present Sinple - Future Simple
3) если погода будет хорошей, он пойдет гулять (условное предложение 1 типа) Время: If Present Simple - Future Simple 
4) если бы погода была хорошей, они бы пошли на речку вчера (условное предложение 3 типа)  Время: If Past Perfect - Would have +Past Participle

Данные утверждения являются результатом совершонного действия. Составь и напиши предложения, которые являлись бы объяснением этих утверждений. (Make sentences using the prompts as in the example.) Example: Mike always gets fives now.( to become)- Mike has become a good pupil. 1) Now I understand the story. (to explain) 2) it is not cold here now.(to close) 3) I am not hungry. (to have dinner) 4) I cannot tell you where my Headteacher lives.(to forget) 5) I cannot show you a picture of my cousin.(to lose) 6) Now I can show you the picture of my cousin.(to find) 7) We can begin our lunch now.(to buy)

1) Now I understand the story. (to explain)

The story has been explained to me

2) it is not cold here now.(to close)

I have closed the window

3) I am not hungry. (to have dinner)

I have had dinner

4) I cannot tell you where my Headteacher lives.(to forget)

I have forgotten where my head teacher lives.

5) I cannot show you a picture of my cousin.(to lose)

I have lost the picture of my cousin

 6) Now I can show you the picture of my cousin.(to find)

I have found the picture of my cousin

7) We can begin our lunch now.(to buy)

We have bought some food

Написать (+) с have to и (-) c needn’t и don’t have to. Итого 18 предложений.

I have to learn English. They have to know this. We have to do something for him. Our friends have to be there. My parents have to stay there. You have to help him.
You needn’t do that. They needn’t go to school. Marry and Tom needn’t stay here. We needn’t speak with them. I and you needn’t be sad. The girls needn’t read this book.
You don’t have to write this. We don’t have to sleep right now. They don’t have to know everything. Our friends don’t have to stay with us. You don’t have to be nice with her. Horses don’t have to run away.

Составьте предложение со словами:
make a difference
lay eggs
swept homes out to sea
collect donations
steep slopes

Let’s work together to make a
Total deforestation during
2000-2005 was 13 million hectares
per year
Most arthropods, vertebrates, and
mollusks lay eggs, although some
do not, such as scorpions and most
Hurricane sept homes out to sea
and thousands became homeless
One of the Festival’s objectives is to
collect donations to rebuild the
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which
was destroyed in 1932
Though he will not climb trees
because of his heavy weight, he can
easily get on steep slopes.
Our school has own volunteer team
which is very active.
The organisation plays a leading
role in the fight against terrorism.
Since 2009 al disabled persons in
health centres receive free
outpatient treatment, medicines and
medical supplies
To support and rehabilitate girls and
women affected by social harms: the
purpose of this program is to
provide the necessary facilitiesfor
the mental and social rehabilitation.
The hostel provides bathrooms with
hot and cold running water, maps,
Ithink the Bible is the best-selling
book of all time
War was the great challenging
experience for everybody
A lot of perch get caught in
fisherman’s net today
There is urgency to stem overfishing
in seas and inland fisheries
You can enjoy a spectacular sunises
every morning at 5 AM
Ocean currents are caused by the
relationship between our planet and
the Sun.
Using a dynamite in fishing
poisons fish.
Polluted water cannot be used for
drinking, bathing, industrial uses or

Опишите профессию врача, учителя, дизайнера в 2-3х предложениях. На английском

Вот доктор: The doctor is very important profession. He (she) can save lives.

the profession of a doctor is very important for society. doctor treats people. profession doctor is a very respected and respected profession
Это про врача
the teacher’s task is to teach people knowledge. The teacher must pass the experience through a textbook, etc. The teacher is also very important profession.
Это про учителя
The designer must create new costumes. The designer can be a person who can make a combination and has a taste. The designer is also a very important profession.
Это про дизайнера

Составьте предложения из следующих слов:
1. countries, the, industrial, in, western, distribute, markets, resources, the.
2. no, government, a free, has, market, interference, economy.
3. on, modern, in, are, the West, economies, and, mixed, mainly, rely, the, market.
4. lies, the, economy, between, types, the, two, mixed, main.
5. between, the, of, restrictions, differs, degree, countries, greatly, government.
6. regulate, in, prices, the, economy, production, market, consumption, and.
7. allows, the, individuals, to, free, produce, market, without,
interference, goods, government, and, services, any

In the Western industrial countries markets distribute the resources.
A free market economy has no government interference.
Modern economies in the West are mixed and rely mainly on the market.
Between the two main types lies the mixed economy.
The degree of government restrictions differs greatly between countries.
The free market allows individuals to produce goods and services without any government restrictions.
Prices regulate consumption and production in a market economy.

Cоставьте 10 предложений P. S Cont

Тут нечего сложного главное знать формулу.
1. She was driving her car at 6 yestrday
2. l was having a bath when the phone rang
3. Pete was not working when Mary returned.
4. While mother was vacuuming the sofa Jane and Pete were washing up.
5. As I was not listening l didn’t hear what he said.
6. The children were playing in the yard from fiue to seuen yesterday.
7. The Smiths were packing all day long yesterday.
8. He walked for 10 minutes in silence.