Напишите 20 предложений на тему my perfect day

1. I’ll never forget this day.
2. It was my mother’s birthday.
3. I was looking for this day long ago.
4. First of all I prepared my present the day before.
5. Of course, I’ve been thinking about a present for a long time.
6. At last I decided to buy her favorite flowers.
7. She is fond of roses.
8. She was forty years old so I decided to buy her 40 red roses.
9. The next day early in the morning while mother was sleeping I put a bunch of red roses on a bedside.
10. I left the bedroom so quietly that she even didn’t woke up.
11. The most interesting began afterwards.
12. Mother woke up and she was so amazed that she didn’t know what to think.
13. Then I hugged her, kissed and wished her a happy birthday.
14. She was so glad that I had never seen her to be so happy before.
15. She said that I had become a real man.
16. It was so nice to hear these words from her. 17. I’ll never forget this happiest day in my life.
18. I felt that I have grown up in her eyes.
19. Since that time she looks at me as to a real clever man and a best friend.
20. My mother is the best person that I have in this world she is all my being.

Сочинение на тему погода в Великобритании 5 - 7 предложений на английском языке

The common ideas people have about the weather in Britain are: "It rains all the time, it’s very damp"; "There’s a terrible fog in London, just like in Sherlok Holmes’.", "The sun never shines in July or August".

Britain has a variable climate. The weather changes so frequently that it is difficult to forcast. It is not unusual for people to complain that the weathermen were wrong. Fortunately, as Britain does not experience extreme weather conditions, it is never very cold or very hot. The temperature rarely rises above 32°C (DOT) in summer, or falls below 10°C (14°F) in winter.

Напишите сочинение на тему игрушки в прошлом на английском. Около 5 -7 предложений.

Sometimes toys are passed down from generation to generation. Children get the old toys that their ancestors and relatives had. These toys can be called "the toys from the past". Usually families who are lacking in the finanical department do these kind of customs, but even those not too wealthy can have this practice. Some toys can keep their condition and not get too old or broken, but in a few generations the toys everntually have to be thrown out, and sometimes even earlier. For children the old toys are something of a wonder, for it was the toys that their ancestors and relatives played with. They might try to imagine the fondness that the owner of the toy had before for it, and how much fun they had playing with it. And with that, their love for the toy doubles. 

Надо составить текст, 12 предложений: This is what I did

My mom was sad about something so I wanted to surprise her. This is what I did: I took a bunch of flowers and placed it on her bad. Cleaned all the dishes. Cleaned my room. Made my bed. Washed all our clothes. Decorated my mom’s room. And got a present for her. When she came back she was so tired. When she saw everything, my mom felt like she was the happiest mom in the world.
Моей маме было грустно о чем-то, поэтому я хотел ее удивить. Это то, что я сделал: я взял кучу цветов и положил ее на нее плохо. Очистили все блюда. Убрал мою комнату. Сделал мою кровать. Омыл всю нашу одежду. Украсила комнату моей мамы. И получил подарок для нее. Когда она вернулась, она так устала. Когда она все увидела, моя мама почувствовала, что она самая счастливая мама в мире.


Tea party the most famous British tradition. They always have a tea time at 5 o’clock. At this time they are drinking tea, eating apple pie, and talking about life.
The next popular tradition connecting with holidays. Every Christmas, all houses are decorated with candles. It’s ”Night of candles”.
Also about houses. One of the oldest traditions is garden. Every house has a beautiful little garden. Every year there is a competition for the best and well-kept garden. It helps to keep the city clean and cozy!

Напишите пже на английском эссе, 10 предложений на тему "Music in my life"

Music is an essential part of my life. I can’t imagine my life without it. I listen to music every day. I listen to a lot of different music styles but i love pop music most. Music helps me to relax, forget about my problems and ease my mind for some time. Moreover, sometimes music helps me to concentrate. My brother shares my interest in music, but he prefers rock music. But despite that, our interest to music unites us and millions of people all over the world. I can’t wait to go to my favourite singer’s concert. It’s one of my dreams to hear live my favourite song. 

Напишите 15 легеньких коротких речень про лікаря, маю на увазі не про професію а про хворобу, візит до лікаря на англійській мові

1. I’ve got a splitting headache
2. I’ve got a terrible toothche
3. I have a sharp pain in my ear
4. He fell down and hurt my elbow
5. What is the problem? said doctor
I sprained my ankle - said boy
6. I have a sore throat and a runny nose, and I’m sneezing a lot
7. She has a bad cough and my chest hurts
8. We’ll take an X-ray of your foot
9. Doctor asked her, are you allergic to any medication?
10. Doctors should always give patient all information about their illnesses and chances of recovery.
11. You don’t look well. Are you sick?
12. I have a earache and a fever
13. I was always afraid of dentists
14. I’ve got a fever and headache.
15. I wake up and I feel dizzy and weak.

нужно составить 10-15 предложений на тему Казахстан по английскому языку

 1. Kazakhstan is the ninth largest in the world by area. 2. More than 120 nationalities live in the territory of Kazakhstan. 3. all the elements of the periodic table are in the bowels of Kazakhstan. 4. The capital of Kazakhstan - Astana - the youngest capital in the world. 5. Kazakhstan has banned the use of alcohol and smoking in public places. Also, the past few years has been actively trying to ban hookah. Sale of hard alcohol from 21. 00 to 12. 00 hours is prohibited. 6. Before the end of 1998, the city of Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan. Residents of the old and new capital are often in conflict because, whose city is better and more important. 7. Kazakhstan is the first and the world’s largest Baikonur Cosmodrome. It was with him was made the first manned space flight, the world’s first artificial satellite of the Earth and artificial satellites were launched Sun, the Moon and Venus. 8. The name of the city "Astana" Kazakh language means "capital". 9. The majority of young people tends to get into the civil service. 10. Kazakhstan declared its independence 16 December 1991, thus becomingthe last state, which came from the USSR. 11. Following the collapse of the USSR the Republic of Kazakhstan has got the world’s fourth nuclear arsenal. A little more than 15 years, Kazakhstan has managed to completely get rid of the nuclear legacy. In 1994, Kazakhstan has sold US weapons-grade uranium, and in April 1995 the country exported all nuclear weapons in Russia. 12. The state language of Kazakhstan - Kazakh, but Russian is also widely spoken and is the official language, which is used together with the state. The northern and eastern regions of greater say in Russian, while the western and southern mainly in Kazakh. 13. Incredibly, the horses were first domesticated in the territory of modern Kazakhstan. 14. Kazakh alphabet - an alphabet based on the Cyrillic alphabet contains 42 letters: the 33 letters of the Russian alphabet and 9 specific letters of Kazakh language. At different times for the Kazakh language used different writing systems: Arabic, Latin and Cyrillic alphabet. 15. The Kazakh language is constantly supplemented with new words. Not so long ago invented a new word - "galamtor", which means the Internet.
1. Казахстан занимает девятое место в мире по площади. 2. На территории Казахстана проживает более 120 национальностей. 3. Все элементы периодической таблицы Менделеева в недрах Казахстана. 4. Столица Казахстана - Астана - самая молодая столица в мире. 5. В Казахстане запрещено употребление алкоголя и курение в общественных местах. Также последние несколько лет активно пытается запретить кальян. Продажу крепкого алкоголя с 21. 00 до 12. 00 часов запрещена. 6. До конца 1998 года, Город Алматы был столицей Казахстана. Жители старой и новой столицы часто находятся в конфликте из-за того, чей город лучше и важнее. 7. Казахстан-первый и крупнейший в мире космодром Байконур. Именно с него был совершен первый пилотируемый космический полет, первый в мире искусственный спутник Земли и искусственные спутники были запущены Солнца, Луны и Венеры. 8. Название города" Астана "на казахском языке означает "столица". 9. Большинство молодых людей стремится попасть на государственную службу. 10. Казахстан провозгласил свою независимость 16 декабря 1991 года, став тем самым последним государством, пришедшим из СССР. 11. После распада СССР Республика Казахстан имеет четвертый в мире ядерный Арсенал. Чуть более 15 лет Казахстану удалось полностью избавиться от ядерного наследия. В 1994 году Казахстан продал США оружейный уран, а в апреле 1995 года страна экспортировала всего ядерного оружия в Россию. 12. Государственный язык Казахстана-казахский, но русский также широко распространен и является официальным языком, который используется совместно с государством. Северные и восточные регионы больше говорят на русском языке, в то время как западные и южные в основном на казахском. 13. Невероятно, лошади были впервые одомашнены на территории современного Казахстана. 14. Казахский алфавит - это алфавит на основе кириллицы алфавит содержит 42 буквы: 33 буквы русского алфавита и 9 специфических букв казахского языка. В разное время для казахского языка использовались различные системы письма: арабский, латинский и кириллица. 15. Казахский язык постоянно пополняется новыми словами. Не так давно придумано новое слово - "галамтор", что означает Интернет.

Составьте сочинение на тему мое хобби английский язык 5 класс не менее 15 предложений,

My hobby is drawing

Hobbies make our life more colouful and they keep us occupied in our leisure time. And I believe hobbies help us both to relax and to develop.

My favourite hobby is drawing. I started drawing when I was five. My mother was a great teacher in my childhood, she always encouraged me and praised my funny drawings. She even decorated the house with them. And the best presents on my parents’ and grandparents’ birthdays were also my drawings. Of course I was pleased and quite proud of my works. Since then this hobby has become a very important part of my life.

I studied drawing from the special literature containing different sketches. I learnt to imitate drawing nature, beautiful buildings, human faces and bodies, animals and birds. I practiced in making them realistic and natural. My hobby made me observe the world around me every minute of my life. I realized that observation was the main thing in the art of painting and drawing.

написать сочинение на английском на тему мой любимый вид спорт- хоккей (15 предложений) с переводом.

My favorite sport is hockey. This is a great game, you have to be more careful and attentive in it. Here the main team, and listen to the coach. I often watch it on TV and play in the winter. I travel with my parents to the Ice Palace. My favorite team in Russian and SKA hockey (or whatever you like). Players Ilya Kovalchuk, Maxim Sushinsky. My parents bought a wonderful stick, and I go with friends on ice to play hockey. I really love hockey! This is my lisim sport!
мой любимый вид спорта, это хоккей. Это замечательная игра, в ней надо быть осторожнее и внимательнее. Здесь главное команда, и слушать тренера. Я часто смотрю его по телевизору и играю зимой. Иногода езжу с родителями в Ледовый дворец. Моя любимая команда в хоккее Российская и СКА( или какая тебе нравится). Игроки Илья Ковальчук, Максим Сушинский. Мне родители купили замечательную клюшку, и я хожу с друзьями на лед играть в хоккей. Я очень люблю хоккей! Это мой либимый вид спорта!