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Once upon a time down on an old farm, lived a duck family, and Mother Duck had been sitting on a clutch of new eggs. One nice morning, the eggs hatched and out popped six chirpy ducklings. But one egg was bigger than the rest, and it didn’t hatch. Mother Duck couldn’t recall laying that seventh egg. How did it get there? TOCK! TOCK! The little prisoner was pecking inside his shell. 

"Did I count the eggs wrongly?" Mother Duck wondered. But before she had time to think about it, the last egg finally hatched. A strange looking duckling with gray feathers that should have been yellow gazed at a worried mother. The ducklings grew quickly, but Mother Duck had a secret worry. 
"I can’t understand how this ugly duckling can be one of mine!" she said to herself, shaking her head as she looked at her last born. Well, the gray duckling certainly wasn’t pretty, and since he ate far more than his brothers, he was outgrowing them. As the days went by, the poor ugly duckling became more and more unhappy. His brothers didn’t want to play with him, he was so 
clumsy, and all the farmyard folks simply laughed at him. He felt sad and lonely, while Mother Duck did her best to console him. 
"Poor little ugly duckling!" she would say. "Why are you so different from the others?" And the ugly duckling felt worse than ever. He secretly wept at night. He felt nobody wanted him. 
"Nobody loves me, they all tease me! Why am I different from my brothers?" 
Then one day, at sunrise, he ran away from the farmyard. He stopped at a pond and began to question all the other birds. "Do you know of any ducklings with gray feathers like mine?" But everyone shook their heads in scorn. 
"We don’t know anyone as ugly as you." The ugly duckling did not lose heart, however, and kept on making inquiries. He went to another pond, where a pair of large geese gave him the same answer to his question. What’s more, they warned him: "Don’t stay here! Go away! It’s dangerous. There are men with guns around here!" The duckling was sorry he had ever left the farmyard. 
Then one day, his travels took him near an old countrywoman’s cottage. Thinking he was a stray goose, she caught him. 
"I’ll put this in a hutch. I hope it’s a female and lays plenty of eggs!" said the old woman, whose eyesight was poor. But the ugly duckling laid not a single egg. The hen kept frightening him. 
"Just wait! If you don’t lay eggs, the old woman will wring your neck and pop you into the pot!" And the cat chipped in: "Hee! Hee! I hope the woman cooks you, then I can gnaw at your bones!" The poor ugly duckling was so scared that he lost his appetite, though the old woman kept stuffing him with food and grumbling: "If you won’t lay eggs, at least hurry up and get plump!" 
"Oh, dear me!" moaned the now terrified duckling. "I’ll die of fright first! And I did so hope someone would love me!" 
Then one night, finding the hutch door ajar, he escaped. Once again he was all alone. He fled as far away as he could, and at dawn, he found himself in a thick bed of reeds. "If nobody wants me, I’ll hid here forever." There was plenty a food, and the duckling began to feel a little happier, though he was lonely. One day at sunrise, he saw a flight of beautiful birds wing overhead. White, with long slender necks, yellow beaks and large wings, they were migrating south. 
"If only I could look like them, just for a day!" said the duckling, admiringly. Winter came and the water in the reed bed froze. The poor duckling left home to seek food in the snow. He dropped exhausted to the ground, but a farmer found him and put him in his big jacket pocket. 
"I’ll take him home to my children. They’ll look after him. Poor thing, he’s frozen!" The duckling was showered with kindly care at the farmer’s house. In this way, the ugly duckling was able to survive the bitterly cold winter. 
However, by springtime, he had grown so big that the farmer decided: "I’ll set him free by the pond!" That was when the duckling saw himself mirrored in the water. 
"Goodness! How I’ve changed! I hardly recognize myself!" The flight of swans winged north again and glided on to the pond. When the duckling saw them, he realized he was one of their kind, and soon made friends. 
"We’re swans like you!" they said, warmly. "Where have you been hiding?" 
"It’s a long story," replied the young swan, still astounded. Now, he swam majestically with his fellow swans. One day, he heard children on the river bank exclaim: "Look at that young swan! He’s the finest of them all!"
And he almost burst with happiness.
( " The ugly duckling")

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Once upon a time there was an orphan Timoshka. They took him to his evil people. Timoshka worked a lot on them for a piece of bread. He sowed wheat, and in the autumn he harvested crops, went to the forest for berries and mushrooms, caught fish on the river.
Somehow, once again, his masters sent him to the forest for mushrooms. He took the basket and went. When he typed the whole basket of mushrooms, he suddenly saw a large, beautiful mushroom-mushroom in the grass near the meadow. Only wanted to tear it Timoshka, and the mushroom talked to him. He asked the boy not to rip it off, for which the boletus would thank him. The boy agreed, and the mushroom clapped its hands, and a miracle happened.
Timoshka was in a new house, and next to him were his kind and caring parents.

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Буду писать на русском ниже перевод на английский. Сказка "Курочка Ряба" 1. Снесла курочка золотое яичко. 2 Дед с бабкой старались его разбить. 3. У них ничего не вышло. 4. Пробегала мимо яйца мышка, случайно задела и оно упало и разбилось. 5. Курочка их пожалела, пообещав снести обычное яйцо.  
The Tale Of "The Hen" 1. Demolished the chicken of the Golden eggs. 2 grandparents tried to break it. 3. It didn’t work out for them. 4. Passed balls mouse accidentally tripped and it fell and broke. 5. The chicken felt sorry for them, promising to carry a normal egg.

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Story about little elf.
 Sara was little pretty girl. She was only 4 years old. When she went to bed late, her mom said that bad elfs will took her. And Sara didn’t know who is these elfs? She really wanted to saw them. One night Sara didn’t went to bed. She wanted to saw these mysterious creatures. 
 Then, she heard some noise behind her. He turned, and saw little cute humans. She talked and played with them and then she went to bed. And she never told somebody her little secret.

Пересказ на английском сказки Спящая красавица

Once upon a time in a land far, far away an evil queen sat with her magic mirror in her hand. She was appalled when this mirror revealed to her that she was no longer the most beautiful in all the land, but that a young princess was instead.

In her rage, the evil queen ordered that the princess be led deep into the forest, and then be killed. However, the old woman assigned the grim task of leading the beautiful girl astray took pity upon her intended victim, and left her in the forest without killing her. In the forest the princess found shelter with seven "bogatrys"(warriors), and she lived there very happily. She had no idea that back in the castle the wicked queen’s magic mirror had told her the secret of the girl’s whereabouts, and that the queen had made plans to ensure that the princess would not once again escape her wrath.

One day the beautiful princess was approached by a seemingly harmless old woman who offered her a delicious red apple. The naive princess never suspected that it was the evil queen in disguise, and gladly took the apple, whereupon her first bite she fell into a deep, seemingly irreversible sleep.

All hope was not to be lost. Far away the great Prince Yelesei had heard of the fate befallen his love, and set out to break this spell which had cast her into such a deep sleep. He rode on his horse, inquiring the moon, the wind, and the sun, as to where his princess could be found. He finally found her sleeping body encased in a crystal tomb. Smashing the tomb with his sword, he broke the evil spell, and the princess awoke. They lived happily ever after.

The evil queen however, did not. She died of grief as soon as her mirror revealed to her that the princess would live happily ever after.

составить сказку на английском языке с переводом. Сказка должна быть со словами cut -отрезал did -сделал drew -нарисовал. Dreamt - мечтал

In a small house on the banks of the river lived a little mouse. One day, while walking through the forest, she found the coin. "What would I buy it for her?" - She thought for a long time and finally decided to buy a ribbon. Little mouse went to the store to choose a beautiful rabbit and a pink ribbon. In the evening, wearing the most beautiful dress and tied a ribbon, she invited for tea neighbor cock. When he saw the good in his new outfit a small neighbor, cock decided to marry her. But the mouse did not like his loud shrill voice, and she refused to groom. After seeing the cock home, she sat down at the window. At this time by her house were Duckling and donkey. Seeing the charming hostess, they had a crush on her, and immediately offered her both hand and heart.
 и перевод  В маленьком домике на берегу реки жила маленькая мышка. Однажды, гуляя по лесу, она нашла монетку. «Что бы мне такое на нее купить?» – долго размышляла она и, наконец, решила купить ленточку. Маленькая мышка отправилась в лавку к кролику и выбрала красивую розовую ленточку. Вечером, надев самое красивое платье и повязав ленточку, она пригласила на чай соседа-петуха. Когда он увидел, как хороша в новом наряде его маленькая соседка, петух решил на ней жениться. Но мышке не понравился его громкий пронзительный голос, и она отказала жениху. Проводив петушка домой, она присела у окошка. В это время мимо ее домика проходили утенок и ослик. Увидев очаровательную хозяйку, они без памяти влюбились в нее и тут же оба предложили ей руку и сердце

Переведите текст на англиский язык уровнем 5 класса:
Когда мои мама и папа были моложе, чем сейчас, папа на 8 Марта подарил маме плюшевую игрушку – тигрёнка из сказки «Аладдин». Мама эту игрушку очень любила и берегла. Игрушка очень красивая: спинка, лапы и хвост рыжего цвета в чёрную полоску, а шейка и брюшко – белые. Глазки песочного цвета, а зрачки чёрные – совсем как настоящие. Усы длинные и колючие. Ушки – бело-чёрные, а подушечки лапок – мягкие, словно бархатные. А когда я родился (в год Тигра), мне его родители подарили. Я очень люблю свою игрушку, даже имя ему придумал – Гарфилд! Гарфилд всегда со мной рядом: когда я сплю, играю, делаю уроки. Конечно, он не такой новый, как 12 лет назад, но я его очень сильно люблю, это моя самая любимая игрушка!

When my mom and dad were younger than now, my dad on 8 March gave my mother a plush toy - a tiger from the fairy tale "Aladdin". Mom loved this toy and cherished it. The toy is very beautiful: the back, paws and tail of a red color in black stripe, and the neck and abdomen are white. Eyes are sand colored, and pupils are black - just like real ones. The whiskers are long and prickly. The ears are white and black, and the cushions of the feet are soft, like velvet. And when I was born (in the year of the Tiger), my parents gave it to me. I really love my toy, even the name came up to him - Garfield! Garfield is always with me nearby: when I sleep, play, do my homework. Of course, he is not as new as 12 years ago, but I love him very much, this is my most favorite toy!

When my mom and dad were younger than now, dad on March 8 presented her mother with a plush toy - a tiger from the fairy tale "Aladdin".  Mom very much loved and preserved this toy.  The toy is very beautiful: the back, paws and tail are red in black strip, and the neck and abdomen are white.  The eyes of the sand color, and the pupils of black are just like real ones.  Mustaches are long and prickly.  The ears are white and black, and the pads are soft, like velvet.  And when I was born (in the year of the Tiger), I gave him his parents.  I really love my toy, even the name he came up with - Garfield!  Garfield is always with me: when I sleep, I play, I do lessons.  Of course, he’s not as new as 12 years ago, but I love him very much, this is my favorite toy!

Напишите предложения, используя подсказки, как показано на примере. 1. That’s a fast car. It’s the fastest car I’ve ever seen. 2. Those are expensive rings. 3. That’s a small house. 4. That’s a big plane. 5. That’s a tall building. 6. That’s a long snake 7. Those are nice flowers. 8. That’s a cleap watch. Найти придложение и поставить в сравнительную степень.

 2_Those rings are the most expensive I’ve ever seen
 3_ It’s the smallest house I’ve ever seen
 4_ It’s the biggest plane I’ve ever seen
 5_ It’s the tallest building I’ve ever seen
 6_ It’s the longest snake I’ve ever seen
 7_ Those flowers are the sweetest I’ve ever seen
Восьмое я не знаю. С точки зрения грамматики ошибок быть не должно, но насчет самого задания не уверена.

Перессказ по сказке Magic Mustard.

Волшебная горчица
Давным-давно в месте под названием Страна Специй, в столице этой страны на главной площади стоял дворец Перечного Горошка, где жила королева Соль со своим любимым сыном, которого звали принц Перец. Принц Перец был очень богат. У него было много еды, но больше всего он любил горчицу. Он не мог без неё жить.
В бедном маленьком доме, который стоял на берегу реки рядом с мостом, жила маленькая девочка по имени Сладкая Сара. Она была другом Принца.
Однажды, она пошла к Принцу Перцу. Она нашла его лежащим в кровати, так как он был болен. «Он очень болен, сказал доктор. – Он не может есть пищу без горчицы, и мы не можем найти горчицу в магазинах».
«Нет горчицы? – сказала Сара. – Я не верю этому. В нашей стране Специй много горчицы».
«Но это не та горчица, сказала Королева. – Это должна быть волшебная горчица. И кто-то украл все семена этой горчицы у Принца. Мы сообщили полиции, но они не могут найти семена. Мы думаем, что это ведьма Уксус украла их. Она не будет ни с кем разговаривать, кроме как с милыми маленькими девочками».
Внезапно доктор посмотрел на Сару. «Почему? – сказал он. – Ты милая маленькая девочка. Ты поможешь нам?»
«Конечно, помогу, – сказала Сара. – Но где живёт ведьма? Как мне туда добраться?»
«Она живёт вместе со своим котом по имени Полночь в замке, который находится в горах, – ответила Королева. – Ты можешь добраться туда на самолёте или на поезде, но тебе придётся идти пешком. Для начала, найди волшебную дорогу к горам».
«Я уверена, что найду её. До свидания!» - сказала Сара и покинула дворец.
Возле дворца она увидела такси. «Такси! Такси! – закричала Сара. – Поехали быстрее! Я тороплюсь!»
«Куда?» – спросил водитель, когда открыл дверь и пригласил Сару садиться.
«В аэропорт», был ответ.
Они добрались за 10 минут. Сара купила билет. Так как у неё не было багажа, очень скоро она уже была на самолёте в голубых небесах Поездка была не долгой. Спустя несколько минут волшебный самолет был под большим старым деревом. Сара была посреди Дикого леса

Переведите предложения на английский язык.
Используйте схему: объект + mustcanshouldmay + be + V3
1. Эта комната должна быть убрана во вторник.
2. Письма следует писать более аккуратно.
3. Матч по волейболу может быть выигран нашей командой.
4. Эта книга может быть переведена на многие иностранные языки.
5. Эту ошибку вы должны исправить.
6. Этот фильм можно посмотреть с семьей.
7. Посуда должна быть помыта до завтрака.
8. Новую школу могут построить уже в следующем году.
9. Вашу фамилию следует написать в верху страницы.
10. Эту сказку можно читать всем.

Переведите предложения на английский язык.  
Используйте схему: объект + mustcanshouldmay + be + V3
1. Эта комната должна быть убрана во вторник. – This room must be tidied (cleaned) on Tuesday.
2. Письма следует писать более аккуратно. – The letters must be written tidier.
3. Матч по волейболу может быть выигран нашей командой. – The volleyball match can be won by our team.
4. Эта книга может быть переведена на многие иностранные языки. – This book can be translated into many foreign languages.
5. Эту ошибку вы должны исправить. – You must correct this mistake (fault).
6. Этот фильм можно посмотреть с семьей. – This movie may be seen (watched) with the family.
7. Посуда должна быть помыта до завтрака. – The dishes must be washed before breakfast.
8. Новую школу могут построить уже в следующем году. – A new school should already be built next year.
9. Вашу фамилию следует написать в верху страницы. – You family name should be written on the top of the page.
10. Эту сказку можно читать всем. – This fairy tale could be read by everybody.