Иван Сергеевич Тургенев биография на англиском языке 10 предложений

Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev - Russian writer, poet and playwright, was born on November 9, 1818, in Orel, Russia - died September 3, 1883, Bougival, near Paris, France. The years of education at the University of Berlin helped him to realize the importance of the West. He lived in Europe since 1862. Turgenev is known for his realistic, peculiar image of the Russian peasant. He gained fame through a cycle of short stories and essays that criticizes serfdom. His interest in the differences between generations is reflected in the work "Fathers and Sons" (1862). His greatest works were always relevant, had a universal appeal, described elegant love stories and psychological witty portraits of heroes.

Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev is a Russian realist writer, poet, publicist, playwright, translator. One of the classics of Russian literature, which made the most significant contribution to its development in the second half of the XIX century.
Born: November 9, 1818, Orel
Died: September 3, 1883, Bougival, France
Education: Humboldt University of Berlin (1838 -1841), MORE
Children: Polina Ivanovna Turgeneva

Как написать на англиском биографию аврама линкольна

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Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in the family of a farmer who, due to skirmishes with the Indians or in search of suitable land for processing, constantly moved from place to place. Because of this, young Abraham could not go to school and was at home. The books were very expensive, so he endlessly reread those that were, "Aesop’s Fables" and the Bible. Biographers call among his favorite books "Robinson Crusoe" and "History of the United States."
Political activity of Lincoln began in 1846, when he became a member of the US Congress. He already then understood that the struggle against slavery was inevitable, but he believed that it could be led by gradual reforms. How it differed from many politicians is because they denied any kind of war, violence and the desire to assert their ideas with weapons

Биография одного известного голливудского человека

Грант родился в пригороде английского города Бристоль, однако вся его кинокарьера была связана с Голливудом. В подростковом возрасте он примкнул к труппе бродячих акробатов, перебрался за океан и некоторое время выступал в бродвейских мюзиклах. Вскоре он выработал своеобразную манеру произношения, которую именуют среднеатлантическим выговором и нередко пародируют. Кэри Грант (англ.  Cary Grant; настоящее имя Арчибальд Александр Лич (англ.  Archibald Alexander Leach); род.  18 января 1904, Бристоль — умер 29 ноября 1986, Давенпорт) — англо-американский актёр, дважды номинант на премию «Оскар».

Биография Пушкина на англ языке
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Pushkin is the most important Russian writer of all time, like Shakespeare in England or Dante in Italy. Pushkin provided the standards for Russian arts and literature in the 19th century.
Pushkin was born in Moscow in 1799 into an upper-class family. In 1811 he entered a lyceum at Tsarskoye Selo. The education offered at the lyceum shaped Pushkin’s life.
He graduated from the lyceum in 1817 and began to work in the foreign office in St. Petersburg.
In 1820 the foreign office transferred Pushkin to Ekaterinoslav, and later to Odessa for writing anti-tsarist poetry. In 1824, for his letter against the tsar, he was exiled to Mikhailovskoye. In 1824, Tsar Nicholas I allowed Pushkin to return to Moscow.
Pushkin felt in love with Natalya Goncharova, who was 16 then, and in 1830 they got married. His wife was suspected of an affair with Baron Georges d’Antes; this became the subject of gossip. Pushkin challenged d’Antes to a duel. Pushkin was wounded and died two days later.
Pushkin was the Russia’s greatest poet. In his works he was first influenced by 18th century poets, and then by Lord Byron. Finally he developed his own style, which was realistic but classical in form.
His earliest long poem was romantic "Ruslan and Lyudmila" (1818-1820). A series of verse tales followed "The Prisoner of the Caucasus", "The Robber Brothers", "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai", and "The Gypsies". They were inspired by Byron’s poetry.
In 1823 Pushkin began writing his masterpiece "Eugene Onegin", a novel in verse. "Eugene Onegin" became the linguistic and literary standard. It is a commentary on the life of the early 19th century Russia. It is noted for brilliant verse.
He also wrote other long poems, including "Bronze Horseman" (1833), the finest collection of lyrics in Russian literature.
Pushkin created also a number of masterpieces in drama and prose. "Little Tragedies" and "The Stone Guest" are among the best works in the world history of drama. Pushkin’s love to Russia’s past resulted in his historical drama, "Boris Godunov" (1825). "Tales of the Late I. P. Belkin", "Dubrovsky", "The Captain’s Daughter" are the most important of his prose works. Pushkin’s use of Russian influenced the great Russian writers Turgenev, Goncharov, Tolstoy.
Pushkin’s early death shocked the country. Pushkin, called by many "the sun of Russian literature", belongs among the foremost poets and writers of the world.

Краткая небольшая биография Юрия Никулина на английском языке

Yuri Nikulin entered the history of Russian cinema thanks to his talent, amazing joie de vivre and character. Outstanding actor Yuri Nikulin was born in 1921, December 18, in the Smolensk region. His parents were actors of the theater, which affected his education and further chosen career. In the mid-twenties the family moved to Moscow, where Yuri graduated from high school. After studying he was called to serve in the army, at this time was the Soviet-Finnish war, and the young soldier was sent to the battalion to protect Leningrad, the great Patriotic war was also under the city of Leningrad, was awarded medals. With the advent of peace time John Travolta tried to do to VGIK, but all attempts were not crowned with success. In the end he entered the Studio of clown, which was at the Moscow circus. After training he began working as an assistant with a popular at the time clown Pencil. A couple of years began to work independently of the clowns in a pair with Mikhail Sugino. Creativity Nikulin increasingly gained popularity in the country, in his amazing and crushing sense of humor was not impossible not to fall in love. He worked great on stage, his facial expressions and gestures were unique, he was able to amuse the audience like no other. In his character combines naivete and touching, fun and joy, but at the same time the actor himself kept the distance between the mask and the actor, due to this character filled with depth and versatility. During my time working in the circus Yuri Nikulin has created a lot of skits, MIME, unique reprises his amazing concerts amazed adults and children. 
Creative diversity allowed Nikulin to try his hand in other genres, and it was crowned with great success. During his life, he starred in more than forty films, his roles were funny and comedic, lyrical and dramatic. He first starred in the movie in 1958 in The film "girl with guitar", it was an episodic role, but very effective. Later, with his participation came such paintings as "Unsuitable", "top secret", " when the trees were large." In the works of the actor alternated comic and dramatic images, all the films with his parts enjoyed phenomenal success. Films "Caucasian captive", "diamond hand"," Operation" Y "and other adventures Shurik" and many other have become masterpieces Soviet movies, paintings can be look on several times and not stop be surprised talented actor. Yuri Nikulin’s life had a tight and minute-by-minute schedule, after filming every night he went to the circus. From 1981 Nikulin completes its work on the arena and became Director of the Moscow circus. All his life he was dedicated to acting, collected jokes and anecdotes, which were published brochures entitled "anecdotes from Nikulin". And even in old age, the artist took an active part in a humorous program "White parrot". 
The fate of Yuri Nikulin Tatiana Pokrovskaya, who he met in 1949, she also was an actress in the circus and starred in the movie, soon young married, and in 1956 they had a son, Maxim Nikulin. 
Until the last days of Yuri Nikulin continued its work as the head of the circus, became a talented actor August 21, 1997, from complications after heart surgery. The popularity of the famous actor can be noted now, circus performances and movies with his participation, the audience does not cease to watch, because every time you can rejoice and admire in a new way.

напишите рассказ про персонажа Диснея(Эльза или Анна) краткая биография.
По плану:
1) Имя
2) дата рождения
3) место рождения
4) ранние годы
5) поздние годы
6) за что известен персонаж
7) дата смерти(не обязательно)
образец в книге английского языка Ваулина страница 70 номер 5,6

1) Elsa 
2) 8 february
3) The castle of Arendelle 
4) She was born with a gift of making to create snow and ice. Everything was fine untul she accidentally hurts her younger sister Anna and puts her in danger. At the ball after his coronation Elsa got angry because of the statement about the wedding of Anna and Hans, once again unable to cope with her gift and puts Arendelle in eternal winter.
Fearing that it can bring more harm, Queen runs away from her castle and hides in the mountains, convinced that no one will be able to help her. 
5) She started living in her snow castle, but after she came back to her old castle and lived in good. 
6) Elsa is the main character of this movie. 
7) -

Биография Скруджи на английском

Today I want to tell you about a modern musician jerk — Scrooge (his real name is Eduard Vygranovskiy) was born in a small Ukrainian town Velyki Mosty (Lviv region) on 5 November 1992. Soon after the child’s birth family Wyganowski moved to the city of Pervomaisk of the Nikolaev area. I love listening to his pointless music, even though you can’t call it. No prospects in a small town the young man not saw. In a teenager’s life were two vents: backyard fights with alcohol and cigarettes and rap music, which Edward was fascinated at the age of 15, inspired by the work of Waka Flocka Flam and Lil Jon. In his youth, he became friends with rapper Zippo and, according to him, went on a tour with him. Later they recorded the songs that brought them popularity among the (retarded) adolescents

биография Скруджи ( рэпер ) на английском с переводом

Scrooge is a Russian musician and rap artist, a member of the Black Star label. His work - underground and street music. The rapper does not like to give interviews, but many of his life can be learned from his lines, because they are all born out of his life experience. Scrooge (real name Eduard Vygranovsky) was born on November 5, 1992 in the small Ukrainian city of Great Bridges (Lviv region). Soon after the birth of the child, the family moved to Pervomaisk, Mykolayiv region. The father left his wife, leaving her with two children, although he did not completely disappear from his life -he saw his sons about once a month. Because of the hooligan lifestyle, Scrooge did not study well, he changed two schools, missed classes and could not appear for weeks at home. He started working early: he was a salesman, a merchant, a worker at a construction site and worked at a sawmill in neighboring Poland. The lines were born in his head all the time: during the working shift, at home, in the company of friends, they rhymed themselvesEdward’s work impressed the judges, and soon Vyhranovsky, along with Dana Sokolova and Klava Koka, began working under the guidance of a well-known label. The guy, although he won the sympathy of the audience, was not among the winners, but Timati decided to take him under his wing. Asked how he writes the lyrics for his compositions, Scrooge responds that everything rhymes and is written independently of himself.In 2017 the musician released the track "Gogol. Start". The song entered the official soundtrack for the film with a similar title, the role of which was performed by Alexander Petrov. Next come singles "Andante", "Explosion in the Dark", "Gogol" and "Rukalitso".

составьте краткую биографию А. С. Грина

Александр Гриневский родился 11(23) августа 1880 года в городе Слободской Вятской губернии. Отец — Стефан Гриневский (польск. Stefan Hryniewski,1843—1914), польский шляхтич из Дисненского уезда Виленской губернии Российской империи. За участие в Январском восстании 1863 года был в 20-летнем возрасте бес сослан в Колывань Томской губернии. Позже ему было разрешено переехать в Вятскую губернию, куда он и прибыл в 1868 году[10]. В России его называли «Степан Евсеевич». В 1873 году женился на 16-летней русской медсестре Анне Степановне Лепковой (1857—1895)[11]. Первые 7 лет детей у них не было, Александр стал первенцем, позднее у него появились брат Борис и две сестры, Антонина и Екатерина[12].

Саша научился читать в 6 лет, и первой его прочитанной книгой стала «Путешествия Гулливера»[13] Джонатана Свифта. С детства Грин любил книги о мореплавателях и путешествиях. Мечтал уйти в море матросом и, движимый этой мечтой, делал попытки убежать из дома. Воспитание мальчика было непоследовательным — его то баловали, то строго наказывали, то бросали без присмотра[14].

В 1889 году девятилетнего Сашу отдали в подготовительный класс местного реального училища. Там соученики впервые дали ему прозвище «Грин». В отчёте училища отмечалось, что поведение Александра Гриневского было хуже всех остальных, и в случае неисправления он может быть исключён из училища[15]. Всё же Александр смог окончить подготовительный класс и поступить в первый, но во втором классе он написал оскорбительное стихотворение об учителях и был-таки из училища исключён. По ходатайству отца Александр в 1892 году был принят в другое училище, имевшее в Вятке дурную репутацию[16].

В 15 лет Саша остался без матери, умершей от туберкулёза. Спустя 4 месяца (май 1895 года) отец женился на вдове Лидии Авенировне Борецкой[17]. Отношения Александра с мачехой были напряжёнными, и он поселился отдельно от новой семьи отца. Впоследствии атмосферу провинциальной Вятки Грин охарактеризовал как «болото предрассудков, лжи, ханжества и фальши». Мальчик жил в одиночестве, увлечённо читая книги и сочиняя стихи. Подрабатывал переплётом книг, перепиской документов. С подачи отца увлёкся охотой, но из-за импульсивного характера редко возвращался с добычей[18].

Написать про Булгакова на англ. Яз 5-7 предложений(биография и главные произведения)

Mikhail Bulgakov was born in Kiev in 1891. His father was a professor at the Kiev Theological Academy; his grandfather was a scholar of the famous Russian playwright, Gogol.

Friendship, respect, and mutual love reigned in Bulgakov’s large family and happy home. From childhood Bulgakov was drawn to theater. At home, he wrote comedies, which his brothers and sisters acted out; in high school, theater was his favorite subject. In 1909, he enrolled in Medical School of Kiev University. He graduated in 1916. In 1913, he moved with his first wife to the village of Viazma where he was assigned to obligatory medical service as part of his education. [Bulgakov had married three times: with Tatiana Nikolaevna Lappa (1913), Liubov Evgenevna Belozerskaia (1924) and Elena Sergeevna (1932).]

In 1918 Bulgakov returned to Kiev and began to practice medicine.