Сочинение на английском на тему Entertainment and Media и сочинение на тему Healthy habit

Good health is very important for every person. Moreover, there is nothing more important than health. Wise people even say: “Health is above wealth”, because if you don’t care of your health, you can’t study or work properly. Unfortunately, having perfect health is almost impossible nowadays. Due to highly polluted environment people suffer from many diseases. The best way to stay healthy is to do regular morning exercise, to eat healthy products, to sleep at least 8 hours a day and to quit bad habits. The good thing is that people are becoming more health-conscious. In my opinion, the number of smoking and alcohol drinking people is decreasing in our country. This is happening because people started to understand how dangerous these two bad habits are. Obesity is another health problem. People, who eat lots of fattening food and do almost no exercise, are often overweight. A healthy diet involves many fruit and vegetables, seafood and wholegrain products. Salt, sugar and fat should be avoided. Excessive dieting can be also dangerous. Some people refuse to eat meat and become vegetarian. However, doctors say that meat is an excellent source of good nutrition. To my mind, one of the best ways to stay healthy and fit is to go in for various sports. My favourite sport is swimming. I spend a lot of time in the swimming-pool. I think it revitalizes my body and gives me energy for the whole day. Other sports I enjoy are cross-country skiing and figure-skating. To stay healthy, it is also important to spend lots of time in the open air. It is especially useful to go for a walk before going to bed. Following these simple rules regularly is the only way to promote our health.

Сочинение по английскому языку
На тему Хобби

Many people have hobbies. They make our life more interesting. A hobby is what people like to do when they have free time. Everyone chooses a hobby according to his character and taste. Some people are fond of music, others like to read books. Some people like to collect stamps, coins or badges, others prefer gardening or hiking or taking photographs. Some people like to cook, others like to knitter sew. Generally speaking, a hobby is a matter of taste. 
My hobby is playing computer games. Both grown-ups and children are fond of it now. It has become one of the most popular hobbies nowadays. I think that playing with a computer is very interesting. It is not only "wasting time" as some people say. 
Computer games make us to think things over properly, they widen and develop our mind and imagination. I have a good collection of different games and when I have some free time I play them with great pleasure. My favourite game is. 
Some of my friends have the same hobby and we like to play together.
У многих людей есть хобби. Они делают нашу жизнь более интересной. Хобби это то, что люди хотели бы делать, когда у них есть свободное время. Каждый выбирает хобби согласно его характеру и вкусу. Некоторые люди любят музыку, другие любят читать книги. Некоторые люди любят собирать марки, монеты или значки, другие предпочитают озеленение или пеший туризм или фотографировать. Некоторые люди любят готовить, другие вязать или шить. Грубо говоря, хобби  - это дело вкуса.
Мое хобби - играть в компьютерные игры. Как взрослые, так и дети любят это теперь. Это стало одним из наиболее популярных хобби в настоящее время. Я думаю, что компьютерная игра очень интересна. Это не только "тратить время", как некоторые люди говорят.
Компьютерные игры стимулируют нас обдумать вещи должным образом, они расширяют и развивают наш ум и воображение. У меня есть хорошая коллекция различных игр, и когда у меня есть свободное время, я играю в них с большим удовольствием. Моя любимая игра.
Некоторые из моих друзей имеют одинаковое хобби, и нам нравится играть вместе

Сочинение на английский.
Тема: на каком я хочу научится играть инструменте и почему?

The violin is a musical instrument of high register. It is one of the hardest and most beautiful instruments. If you want to play the violin, you need the correct hand position and the knowledge of all these positions. There are a lot of such positions, but we do not use  them all while playing. The violin is one of  such musical instruments the sound of which is soulful. We can play the violin with a bow or fingers (such device is called a pinch).
When children start to play the violin, they play with a pinch. But if a child plays with a bow, then it is more interesting and difficult. Now I will try to tell you about the details.
If you want to play the violin, you have to want to play it. It is one of the most important things. There are a lot of rules: how to stand, how to hold a bow and how to use in order to play the violin, etc. I will tell you about it in another essay, and now I am going to write about some  kinds of creations for the violin: Tarantella is  a very fast dance; Valse is a slow dance; Gavot is an old dance of the native origin.
I think this part of the violin story has been interesting to you, and it is not my last  tale. 

Сочинение на тему зима в астрахани, чем люди занимаются в это время

The Astrakhan province in the majority view is southern, and therefore hot. That’s why for many people it’s often just a revelation that here and frosts under minus 20 degrees are not uncommon, and snow sometimes sweeps down to the knee, and you can not get by on foot only on the ice-the ice is thick. And that’s why fishing is very developed in Astrakhan. Hunting is another popular activity. In hunting areas, tourists are helped to learn the habits of future production and successfully hunt. Apart from fishing and hunting, among street entertainments one can not help mentioning traditional skating and sledging. and of course people at this time go to work. Астраханская губерния в представлении большинства — край южный, а потому жаркий. Именно поэтому для многих частенько становится просто открытием тот факт, что здесь и морозы под минус 20 градусов не редкость, и снегу порой наметает по колено, и одной только пешнёй зачастую на подледном лове не обойдешься — ледок толстоват. И поэтому в Астрахани очень развита рыбалка. Охота – другой популярный вид деятельности. В охотничьих угодьях туристам помогают узнать повадки будущей добычи и удачно поохотиться. Помимо рыбалки и охоты, среди уличных развлечений нельзя не упомянуть про традиционные катания на коньках и санках. Ну и конечно люди в это время ходят на работу.

Можете написать сочинение на английском языке на тему моя любимая группа(если что моя любимая группа ’’ каста’’).

Music is a source of good mood for me. I like almost all kinds of music including rap, rock, disco, techno, drum & bass, hip-hop, alternative and more. I also admire many famous singers and musical groups. But most of all I love "Linkin Park". Is an American rock band that formed in California. This group is now very popular among teenagers. What I like about them is that they sing in different styles. Some of their songs are alternative, some metal, some rock. They have intelligent lyrics and unusual musical decisions.
Ну как

My favorite band is Casta. Kasta "- Russian rap group from Rostov-on-Don, artists of the label Respect Production. The group includes Vladi, Shym, Khamil, Serpent. They sing in the genre of rap. They sing with many other Russian rappers. Sami write songs and very often give concerts. Some of the songs are movie soundtracks.

написать сочинение про энергетические напитки на предложений 10.

Я хочу рассказать про энергетические напитки. Сейчас они очень популярны среди молодежи. Эти напитки содержат в себе много кофеина. Поэтому они хорошо бодрят. Их очень любят использовать студенты, готовясь к сдаче экзаменов. Но не смотря на всё, эти напитки очень вредны. Они сильно портят сердце. Если выпить больше пяти банок, то можно умереть. Это уже доказали учёные. Я считаю, что эти напитки очень вредны для здоровья и я никогда не буду их пить.

Нужно сочинение на тему «мой сад» на английском.

On vacation, I am often in the country with his grandparents. This lodge is located near the station Keb ten kilometers from Pskov. And can be reached by bus and train. But the train ride more interesting. After the station starts Keb pine forest. It is good, clean air. In the summer we go to the forest to pick mushrooms and berries. In winter, we’ll see a lot of animal tracks. Spring in the forest grow lilies. All surrounded by a forest cottage. On the edge of a forest ranger is a house. Chickens running around the house, the Forester has a few horses and cows. On the way to our cottage river flows Keb. In it, I swim and catch fish. Near the river there is a pond. Before, I was fishing in it, but now it was not there for some reason, were frogs, toads and water beetles. I always love to visit the country, in the nature.

Especially beautiful in the garden in the spring, when trees begin to blossom and there is the first bright green foliage.
In the garden is a unique flavor, tweeting birds. Bloom the first spring flowers.
At this time, my grandmother and plant a new flower plants that bloom in the summer. Our favorite flowers are petunias. they are low maintenance and very colorful and beautiful. We like Turkish carnation.
In summer, our garden is also very good, when is the summer heat, in the shade of trees is always a pleasant coolness. The parents were hung up for us between the trees the hammock and my brother can rest in it and play. We have in the garden there is a gazebo. In the summer we always have lunch there.
Very nice dinner with the whole family in the fresh air.
In the garden in summer bloom bright flowers begin to ripen fruits and berries. They are very tasty and quite different in taste to the ones sold in stores. Grandmother and mother cook from them compote and bake them pies. Due to the fact that we have a garden, we spend a lot of time in the fresh air and gain strength and health for the winter.

Сочинение на английском на тему наводнение

FloodНаводнениеFlood is a natural disaster. For people, who are directly affected by it, it can be devastating. There are several reasons for floods. One of them is excessive raining. At other times it is caused by the overflow of rivers or dam breaks. At any case it has negative outcomes, which lead to environmental and economic loses. As a result land gets washed away, houses are destroyed, people and animals die. Floods are directly connected with climate and geography of the area. Some places are more exposed to heavy rains than others. For example, Bangladesh and the Philippines are under constant threat of floods. The effects of flood are undoubtedly devastating. It spoils harvest, fields and roads remain under stagnant water for a few days, courtyards and ground floors of houses get drowned. During this natural disaster people face many problems. Different poisonous insects and serpents appear in human habitats, the cattle die, as they are unable to save themselves, the polluted water causes many life-threatening diseases, such as plague and cholera. Some people save their lives by finding shelter on the nearest trees. As a rule, after floods marshy land doesn’t dry up for a long time. Although many charitable organizations and the government try to help poor householders, by sending food, clothing and medicine, it usually isn’t enough to remove the endless inconvenience and distress that continues for a long time after the flood. Some governments try to act in advance by establishing flood barriers and strengthening the river dams. Наводнение является стихийным бедствием. Люди, которые непосредственно страдают от него, испытывают на себе разрушительные последствия. Для наводнений есть несколько причин. Одним из них является чрезмерное выпадение осадков. В других случаях это вызвано переполнением реки или прорывом плотины. В любом случае оно несет негативные последствия, которые приводят к экологическим и экономическим потерям. В результате земля размывается, дома разрушаются, люди и животные умирают. Наводнения непосредственно связаны с климатом и географией района. Некоторые места больше подвержены проливным дождям, чем другие. Например, Бангладеш и Филиппины находятся под постоянной угрозой наводнений. Последствия наводнений, несомненно, разрушительны. Они портят урожай, поля и дороги остаются под стоячей водой в течение нескольких дней, дворы и первые этажи домов тонут. Во время этого стихийного бедствия люди сталкиваются со многими проблемами. В среде человеческого обитания появляются различные ядовитые насекомые и змеи, скот вымирает, так как не в состоянии спасти себя, загрязненная вода вызывает много опасных для жизни заболеваний, таких как чума и холера. Некоторые люди спасают свою жизнь, находя убежище на ближайших деревьях. Как правило, после наводнения болотистая земля не высыхает еще долгое время. Хотя многие благотворительные организации и правительство пытаются помочь бедным домохозяевам, отправляя еду, одежду и лекарства, как правило, этого бывает недостаточно, чтобы избавиться от бесконечных неудобств и бедствий, которые продолжаются в течение длительного времени после потопа. Некоторые правительства пытаются действовать заранее путем создания барьеров и укрепления речных дамб.

Сочинение наа английском
как я провел свой выходной

How I spent my weekends. I have two weekends a week. And I enjoy it. On Saturday my Mom and I went to the cinema. The film, that we watched named "Frosen". I like it very much. Then we had meals in "Makdonalds". We had two hamburgers and two cups of tea. After that, we came home. With all my family I went to the Park. On Sunday I got up at 9 o’clock. I had a butter-bread and a cup of hot chocolate. I enjoyed it very much. Then my brother and I went to the swimming pool and we swam. I liked my weekends very much. 

У меня 2 выходных в неделю. И я наслаждаться ими. В субботу я с мамой ходили в кинотеатр. Фильм, который мы смотрели назывался "Холодное сердце". Мне он очень понравился. Потом мы поели в Макдоналдс. Мы заказали 2 гамбургера и 2 чашки чая. После этого мы вернулись домой. Со всей моей семьей я ходила в парк. В воскресение я встала в 9 часов. Я съела бутерброд и выпила горячий шоколад. Мне он очень понравился. Потом я и мой брат пошли в бассейн и мы поплавали. Мне очень понравились мои выходные.

Я написал сочинение. найти ошибки, если они там есть.
1. This is my room.
2. You see a bedroom in the my room.
3. This bedroom is clean.
4. It is big and cosy.
5. There is a big window on the right.
6. There is a grey table in the right corner.
7. There are brother’s toys in the left corner.
8. There is a big bookcase behind.
9. There are books on the shelf above my grey table.
10. There is a nice and a little table under room

2. Неправильно, нельзя сказать спальня в комнате.
3. Эта спальня чистая. Ну +
4. Это большой и уютный. Ну тут +
5. Минус, грам ошибка

1. This is my room.
2. You can see a big bed in the my room.
3. My room is clean.
4. It is big and cosy.
5. There is a big window on the right.
6. There is a grey table in the right corner.
7. There are brother’s toys in the left corner.
8. There is a big bookcase behind it.
9. There are books on the bookshelf above my grey table.
10. There is a nice and a little table under room