Подготовить рассказ об известной личности на английском языке! 6 класс.

I would like to tell you about Polina Gagarina (смотри ниже) and Lionel Messi, who is one of the best footballers  of nowadays and one of the best football players of all times! He was the best player in the world in the years 2009-2012. (на выбор) Lionel Messi was born in June 1987 in the city of Rosario, in Argentina. He has two brothers and a sister. Two of his cousins are also footballers. His father’s family comes from Italy, but the ancestors moved to Argentina in 1883. Messi stared playing football when he was 5 years old. His father, a factory worker, was his first coach. Messi’s grandmother wanted him to become a footballer and she herself brought Lionel to sport club trainings. Later on Lionel often devoted his first goals to her. When the boy was 11 his family moved to Barselona. At 13 Lionel became a member of "Barselona" club team to which he belongs up to now. Lionel Messi is married and has two sons. Together with his team he won a lot of Europian and World Championships. As the best player he was awarded 5 times the prize "The Gold Ball" and one prize "The Diamond Ball". The newspapers wrote: ". His legs are like Maradona’s, his speed is like Crowford’s and he passes like Ronaldinio"
Я хочу рассказать о Лионеле Месси, который является одним из лучших футболистов современности и одним из лучших игроков всех времен! Он был лучшим игроком в мире в 2009-2012 годах. Лионель Месси родился в июне 1987 года в городе Росарио, в Аргентине. У него есть два брата и сестра. Двое его кузенов также футболисты. Семья его отца родом  из Италии, но предки переехали в Аргентину в 1883 году. Месси начал играть в футбол, когда ему было 5 лет. Его отец, рабочий фабрики, был его первым тренером. Бабушка Месси хотела, чтобы он стал футболистом, и она сама водила Лайонела на спортивные тренировки клуба. Позже Лионель часто посвящал ей свои первые голы. Когда мальчику было 11 лет, его семья переехала в Барселону. В 13 лет Лионель стал членом команды клуба "Барселона", которому он принадлежит до сих пор. Лионель Месси женат и имеет двух сыновей. Вместе со своей командой он выиграл много чемпионатов Европы и мира. Как лучший игрок он был награжден 5 раз премией "Золотой мяч" и призом "Бриллиантовый мяч". Газеты писали: ". Его ноги, как у Марадоны, его скорость, как у Кроуфорда и его пассы как у Рональдинио"
Full name: Polina GagarinaCountry: Russia Date of birth: 27 March,1987 (Saratov) Family: She’s married; Son: Andrew. Hobbies: Singing and writing songs. Polina Gagarina is a Russian pop singer, songwriter, actress and model. In the year two thousand three Polina Gagarina took part in the television project "Star Factory 2". She won the contest. She starred in  five films. She has eighteen of her own clips. Polina Gagarina speaks Greek. In the contest "New Wave"- she won the 3rd place. In the contest "Folk star"- she won the 2nd place. In May 2015 she represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, where she won 2nd place.

Сор по английскому языку 3 четверть. Напиши рассказ на тему "Семейные развлечения ".

Family entertainment is an important aspect of live in my family. My parents believe that entertaining children helps them develop important social skills and knowledge about the world around in general. I believe all our activities can be divided on two main parts: what we do after my parents came from work and the activities and trips we have during our breaks and vacations. To start with, we have a family tradition to gather for our dinner all together. I find this really entertaining since its really hard to communicate with everyone during daytime and dinner is the only time we have to actually talk, share new and have a good laugh all together as a family. We also enjoy playing board games afterwards and bond as a family. I find this dinner time an entertaining family tradition, which reminds of an american movies, really fun and I will also pass it by to my children. 
Moreover, talking about family entertainment I cannot exclude all the vacations we had together. We enjoy organising different trips that will interest every family member of any age. What is important is not where we actually going since the fun begins no matter what when we are all together. It can be camping, road trip or just a simple park picnic, I always love it. Also, I have a lot of memories caught by my camera in the moment, I look at them whenever I am sad or I argued with my parents, it makes me believe we can overcome any problem because there is always more good moments, not sad, if you have family like mine. 

напишите рассказ о шопинге на англ мові

If we need to buy something, first of all we go to the shop. There are many different shops where you can buy whatever you want - from food to screws, bolts and nuts. It is not difficult to guess what type of store is the most popular. It may be said without exaggeration that these types of shops are supermarkets and grocery stores. A human being eats every day, so passing by such shops is a rather difficult thing.

In every city you will find such shops as grocery stores, clothing stores, bakeries, butcheries. I love going to the flower shop most of all because flowers are my passion. Every week I go to an antique (curiosity) shop, because I really enjoy the original, ancient things. From time to time I visit the toy store in order to buy toys for my nephews and children. Almost every month I go to the gift shop so that I can buy gifts on birthday for my family and friends.

I like to spend my time on shopping, preferably I like the self-service shops. You can scrutinize something as long as you like. A nagging seller does not hurry you, you are your own master. After it all, you can calmly go to the cashier, where all purchases will be counted and added up. In our time, it’s not only supermarkets that work in such a way, but also department stores, clothing shops and household goods shops.

Напиши сказочный рассказ( на англ. ) не более 8 предложений)

The boy had a beautiful garden, but over time he lost his beauty. In this garden grew a wonderful rose, the favorite of this boy. One day, when she was dismissed, she saw a toad and wanted to assign a rose to herself. Toad scrambled for a rose, but her thorns prevented her. she was all in her own blood, but she did not abandon her venture, and then the sister of a boy who cut a rose for her brother prevented her. The boy was seriously ill and because of this he could not see how his pet has blossomed. This was his last will, the next day he died. This rose was put on the boy’s grave

Придумайте страшную историю на английском не с интернета.

I begin tucking him into bed and he tells me, “Daddy, check for monsters under my bed.” I look underneath for his amusement and see him, another him, under the bed, staring back at me quivering and whispering, “Daddy, there’s somebody on my bed.”
Я укладываю его спать, а он говорит мне: «Папочка, проверь, нет ли у меня монстров под кроватью». Ради забавы я заглядываю под кровать и вижу его, другого его, прямо под кроватью, который с ужасом смотрит на меня, дрожит и шепчет: «Папочка, там кто-то у меня на кровати».

составить небольшой рассказ (10-12 предложений) о самом большом городе Шотландии НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ

The largest city in Scotland is Glasgow. Glasgow (eng. Glasgow, Galsk. Glaschu) is Scotland’s largest city and the third most populous city in the UK (after London and Birmingham). Glasgow hosts a variety of festivals all year round: Celtic music festival, international jazz festival, West End festival and others, bringing together tourists and visitors from around the world. During festivals, it’s probably pretty noisy.  But still the most bustling city of Scotland-it is probably the Scottish capital-Edinburgh, especially during a variety of festivals. In August the city hosts the world’s largest annual Edinburgh festival, which takes place at the same time or several thematic festivals. During this period, the city’s population doubles because of the influx of tourists. In General, Edinburgh attracts about 13 million tourists annually, thus being the second most popular (after London) tourist destination in the UK. Festivals Edinburgh international arts festival Edinburgh international film festival-held annually since 1946. The Edinburgh international festival of jazz and Blues Edinburgh international book festival-held in the second half of August every year since 1983. Edinburgh international science festival Edinburgh Fringe-from August 9 to 31, the fringe festival takes place-it is the largest and most famous art festival in the world. On him intends to the public from around the world. This festival of music and theater, by tradition, a parade carnival-on the main street of the city, "Royal mile", a costume procession. For three weeks, the city has become a complete enchanting sight-more than 1,500 performances, concerts, shows and performances are played in theaters, clubs, pubs, schools and on the streets. The Edinburgh interactive entertainment festival The Edinburgh military tattoo is held during the first three weeks of August every year since 1950 In this grandiose musical-theatrical presentation attended by military bands from different countries, drummers, pipers, the procession of acrobats and cheerleaders. Hogmanay

Нужен рассказ о женщине кошке на английском

There was once a man who had a beautiful cat.
She was so loving that one day he wished out loud, "Dear Cat, if you were only a woman, I’d marry you!"
Aphrodite, the goddess of love, heard his wish and changed the cat into a beautiful woman. The man and the cat woman were married and lived quite happily together until one night. aphrodite cat-eats-mouse
The beautiful woman was sitting on her bed and into the room came a mouse. She crouched on her hands and knees, pounced on the mouse, and began to eat it, much to her husband’s alarm!
Aphrodite looked down from the clouds and, seeing this, turned the woman back into a cat. Aphrodite chuckled, "I can change the outer appearance of a creature, but to truly make a difference, I guess I must change its inner character first!"

Рассказ о сказочном герое с переводом.

I’ll tell you about the fairy. Fairy is a magical girl, she is kind and can use magic. In all fairy tales the fair is kind. She helps other characters. Feja is very kind. She is ready to help anyone. In our world there are many legends about the fairy. Of them, there are good legends and bad ones.
The fairy is a mythological being of a metaphysical nature, possessing inexplicable, supernatural abilities, leading a hidden (both collective and detached) way of life and at the same time having the ability to interfere in a person’s daily life
Перевод: Я расскажу о фее. Фея-волшебная девочка, она очень добрая и умеет пользоваться магией. Во всех сказках фея добрая. Она помогает другим персонажам. Фея очень добрая. Она готова помочь любому. В нашем мире существует много легенд о фее. Из них есть и добрые легенды и плохие.
Фея-это мифологическое существо метафизической природы, обладающее необъяснимыми, сверхъестественными способностями, ведущее скрытый (как коллективный, так и обособленный) образ жизни и при этом имеющее свойство вмешиваться в повседневную жизнь человека

Напишите рассказ о том как я провела свои каникулы в Армении

Я на каникулах побывала в Армении. Мне там очень понравилось! Я увидела множество чудесных и завораживающих гор! В Армении находится много достопримечательностей пару из которых я видела например: Гегард большое и красивое архитектурное сооружение. И Гарни очень красивый храм в Армении.

Рассказ про герб Томска на английском языке.

Any photo in the color of the heraldic symbol of the city shows a restrained palette, while at the same time used the colors known in heraldry. For the field of the shield, a saturated emerald color is chosen, it is known that with boundless greenness the boundless Siberian expanses are associated. For the main elements-symbols are chosen shades of precious metals, gold and silver.
In the composition of the main heraldic symbol of the city of Tomsk, the following parts are present:
the French shield with the image of a horse;The crowning shield is a classical tower crown;A gold ribbon with a silver inscription in the base of the coat of arms. Heraldic symbols of Tomsk and the region are identical, and in either case the central place on the shield is occupied by a horse, and it jumps to the right side (from the point of view of heraldry). The viewer sees the opposite picture, the animal moves to the left. There is also a small nuance that can be noticed only by attentive spectators: on the city emblem the pony tail is shown lowered, on the arms of the region - upwards.