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На англ:
Flood is a natural disaster. For people, who are directly affected by it, it can be devastating. There are several reasons for floods. One of them is excessive raining. At other times it is caused by the overflow of rivers or dam breaks. At any case it has negative outcomes, which lead to environmental and economic loses. As a result land gets washed away, houses are destroyed, people and animals die. Floods are directly connected with climate and geography of the area. Some places are more exposed to heavy rains than others. For example, Bangladesh and the Philippines are under constant threat of floods. The effects of flood are undoubtedly devastating. It spoils harvest, fields and roads remain under stagnant water for a few days, courtyards and ground floors of houses get drowned. During this natural disaster people face many problems. Different poisonous insects and serpents appear in human habitats, the cattle die, as they are unable to save themselves, the polluted water causes many life-threatening diseases, such as plague and cholera. Some people save their lives by finding shelter on the nearest trees. As a rule, after floods marshy land doesn’t dry up for a long time. Although many charitable organizations and the government try to help poor householders, by sending food, clothing and medicine, it usually isn’t enough to remove the endless inconvenience and distress that continues for a long time after the flood. Some governments try to act in advance by establishing flood barriers and strengthening the river dams.
на русском:
Наводнение является стихийным бедствием. Люди, которые непосредственно страдают от него, испытывают на себе разрушительные последствия. Для наводнений есть несколько причин. Одним из них является чрезмерное выпадение осадков. В других случаях это вызвано переполнением реки или прорывом плотины. В любом случае оно несет негативные последствия, которые приводят к экологическим и экономическим потерям. В результате земля размывается, дома разрушаются, люди и животные умирают. Наводнения непосредственно связаны с климатом и географией района. Некоторые места больше подвержены проливным дождям, чем другие. Например, Бангладеш и Филиппины находятся под постоянной угрозой наводнений. Последствия наводнений, несомненно, разрушительны. Они портят урожай, поля и дороги остаются под стоячей водой в течение нескольких дней, дворы и первые этажи домов тонут. Во время этого стихийного бедствия люди сталкиваются со многими проблемами. В среде человеческого обитания появляются различные ядовитые насекомые и змеи, скот вымирает, так как не в состоянии спасти себя, загрязненная вода вызывает много опасных для жизни заболеваний, таких как чума и холера. Некоторые люди спасают свою жизнь, находя убежище на ближайших деревьях. Как правило, после наводнения болотистая земля не высыхает еще долгое время. Хотя многие благотворительные организации и правительство пытаются помочь бедным домохозяевам, отправляя еду, одежду и лекарства, как правило, этого бывает недостаточно, чтобы избавиться от бесконечных неудобств и бедствий, которые продолжаются в течение длительного времени после потопа. Некоторые правительства пытаются действовать заранее путем создания барьеров и укрепления речных дамб.

Нордпласт, это завод по производству пластиковых игрушек, находящийся на улице Глиняной. Сейчас, пластик используют везде. В наше время, почти во всех детских игрушках используют пластик. Главный минус пластика, что он почти не разлагается. Пластик может веками лежать в земле и с ним ничего не случится. Совсем недавно, учёные выяснили, что во всех видах пластика есть один элемент, который накапливается в организме и вызывает генетические болезни сердца и мозга: такие как рак или истощение тканей головного мозга. На природу пластик влияет более пагубно. Именно от игрушек страдают растения. Если ребенок потерял игрушку в земель или песке, то почва начинает впитывать в себя вредные элементы и уже через пару лет на такой почве ничего не сможет расти.

Nordplast, this is a plant for the production of plastic toys, located on the street Glinyany. Now, plastic is used everywhere. Nowadays, almost all children’s toys use plastic. The main disadvantage of plastic is that it almost does not decompose. The plastic can lie in the ground for centuries and nothing will happen to it. More recently, scientists have found that in all types of plastic there is one element that accumulates in the body and causes genetic diseases of the heart and brain: such as cancer or brain tissue depletion. On the nature of plastic affects more detrimental. It is from toys that plants suffer. If a child has lost a toy in the land or sand, the soil begins to absorb the harmful elements and in a couple of years nothing will grow on such soil.

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There are many famous people that I admire. Most of them are talented in one or more fields. My favorite celebrity is Johnny Depp. He has played in many movies that were block-busters in Hollywood, then he won a lot of awards. Besides, Depp is also a screenwriter, director, producer, and a musician. So, what makes him become my hero? It is not his awards or his successful job, but his life journey. Of course he is not a type of person that has had a perfect life or does charity for others like Mother Theresa or others, but actually, even in the dark life, there must be a little light that will brighten up that life. He was born in Kentucky, the USA. Unfortunately, he did not have a happy-go-lucky childhood because he had to live not just in one or two, but more than twenty places. His family often moved from one place to another, because of his father’s job. The bad thing happened when he was 15 years old. His parents were divorced. This family problem made the last member in the Depp family stressed and depressed. This situation become worse when he started to drinking, smoking, and doing drugs. He even tried to do self-harm by cutting himself with a knife on some different occasions that made him have a series of seven or eight scars on his left forearm. One year after his parents divorced, he dropped out from high school in a hope to become a rock musician. He got his first guitar from his mother when he was 12 years old and then, he started to play it in various garage bands. One of Johnny’s garage band, The Kid, enjoyed modest local success. 

The first big movie where he starred was “Nightmare on Elm Street”, although he had taken some smaller parts before. He became really popular after appearing in television series for teens “21 Jump Street”. But his most popular role is Captain Jack Sparrow from «Pirates of the Caribbean Sea». I also liked his performance in «Charlie and the Chocolate Factory», «Alice in Wonderland», «Secret Window» and «The Tourist». He has a certain style of acting, which distinguishes him from the crowd of other actors. Johnny Depp’s life is an inspiration for me. Many hard times came to him, bad times made him down, but he has proven that he can go the distance. He dares to take the most challenging acts possible which make him be honored. His talents make me call him "The eccentric actor." Even now he is more famous but still he doesn’t become an arrogant person, he is still honorable, he is still a caring person. He’s still the same like he was. His life makes me believe that to try something different is not a horrible thing, it is a fun thing if we live in it. He makes me realize that life still has many good things to fight for.

, Переведите этот текст на английский язык, я.
Первое место по популярности среди жителей России, да и всего мира, занимает футбол. Точной даты возникновения футбола не известно, но можно с уверенностью сказать, что история футбола насчитывает не одно столетие и затронула немало стран.
Это коллективная игра охватывает практически все население нашей страны. Несмотря на то, что нашим сборным по футболу не удается занимать высокие места, в первенстве мира по футболу, его авторитет в стране растет. Десятки дворовых команд, изображая первенство мира по футболу, с упоением гоняют футбольный мяч. Даже в тех районах, где большую часть года лежит снег, любители футбола гоняют мяч, играя в зимний футбол.

In English, I beg you. The first place in popularity among the residents of Russia, and the world, is football. The exact date of football is unknown, but we can say with certainty that the history of football has more than one century and affected many countries. It is a collective game covers almost the entire population of our country. Despite the fact that our football teams are not able to occupy high places in the world Cup, its authority in the country is growing. Dozens of Amateur teams, playing the world Cup, enthusiastically chasing a soccer ball. Even in those areas where most of the year is snow, football fans chase the ball, playing winter football.

Меня зовут Саша. У меня большая семья. Мы любим проводить время вместе.
У меня есть красивая мама. Моя старшая сестра и я выглядят как наша мама. Она нас любит и всё время заботится о нас. Мой дедушка любить читать газеты. Мой папа любит работать, он каждый день на работе. Моя бабушка любит готовить разные блюда. Ещё у меня есть собака и кошка. Собака любит играть, а кошка спать.
Я люблю свою семью.

My name is Sasha. I have a big family. We love spending time together.
I have a beautiful mother. My older sister and I look like our mother. She loves us and takes care of us all the time. My grandfather like to read newspapers. My dad likes to work, he’s at work everyday. My grandmother likes to cook different dishes. I also have a dog and a cat. The dog likes to play, and the cat sleeps.
I love my family.

My name is Sasha. I have a big family. We like to spend time together.
I have beautiful mother. My elder sister and I look as our mother. She loves us and all the time cares for us. My grandfather to like to read newspapers. My father likes to work, he every day on work. My grandmother likes to cook different dishes. Still I have a dog and a cat. The dog likes to play, and the cat to sleep.
I love the family.

Ребят переведите текст на английский .
традиционное блюдо России это борщ.
чтобы его приготовить для начала надо взять кастрюлю и налить в нее воды.
ставим кастрюлю на огонь. Вода закипит кладем в кастрюлю мясо. Ждем чтобы вода опять закипела и снимаем пенку. Кладем соль и одну луковицу.
добавляем нарезанную капусту. Добавляем очищенную свёклу. Варим 40 минут. Добавляем нарезанную морковь. Варим еще 20 минут. Вынимаем свеклу даем остыть. Добавляем нарезанную картошку. Через 10 минут добавляем свёклу натертую на терке. Добавляем томатную пасту. Перец горошком. Соль и сахар по вкусу. Варим 10 минут. Добавляем нарезанную зелень. Даем закипеть. Все.

Traditional Russian dish is borscht. to prepare it for the beginning you need to take a pot and pour water into it. put the pot on fire. water boils put in a pot of meat. waiting for the water to boil again and remove the foam. put salt and one onion. add the chopped cabbage. add the cleaned beets. cook for 40 minutes. add the chopped carrots. cook for another 20 minutes. remove the beets, allow to cool. add the sliced potatoes. after 10 minutes add the beets grated. add the tomato paste. peppers peas. salt and sugar to taste. cook for 10 minutes. add the chopped greens. let’s boil. That’s all.

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Toys for me, toys for you, toys for everyone. a pink ballerina, fa blue toy soldier. we’re all having fun.
toys for me, toys foys for you, toys for everyone. a brown teddy bear, a yellow doll. we’re all having fun

Тойз фо ми, тойз фо ю, тойз фо эвиван. Э пинк баллерин, блу солджиер. Ви ар алл хэвин(г) фан.
Тойз фо ми, тойз фо ю, тойз фо эвиван. Э браун тэдди-бэр, э еллоу долл. Ви ар алл хэвин(г) фан.

Тойс фо ми, тойс фо ю, тойс фо эвриуан. Э пинк балерина, фа блу той солджер, вир ол хэвинг фан. Тойс фо ми, тойс фойс фо ю, той фо эвриуан. Э браун тедди беар, э елоу дол. Вир ол хевинг фан

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In my understanding, the "teacher" is a person conveying their experience and knowledge. However, if we consider this concept broader, it becomes clear that it consists not only in training certain knowledge, but also in the education of its students. The teacher must always remain an example. That is why I believe that not everyone can become a teacher, this is not given to everyone. Teacher’s work does not end when he leaves the school building after school, he must constantly improve and grow, only in this way he will be able to cultivate high moral qualities and teach the same children. Of course, our mother becomes our first teacher, she teaches us everything she knows herself. Soon, this is not enough for us, and our caregivers.

можете перевести текст на английский язык, Любимые игрушки наших родителей и бабушек с дедушкой. Мою маму зовут Нина. Когда она была маленькая, она увидела в магазине куклу. Дома она рассказала о ней маме. Спустя несколько месяцев мама нашла её на новый год под ёлкой. Кукла Нина была её любимая игрушка. Папу зовут Жена, в детстве он любил играть в машинки. Его любимая машина, была грузовик синего цвета. Бабушка Надя тоже любила кукол. Её любимая кукла Валя с голубыми глазами и светлыми волосами. У дедушки Вите любимая игрушка в детстве была лошадка Зорька.

Favorite toys of our parents and grandmothers with the grandfather. My mom’s name is Nina. When she was little, she saw a doll in the store. At home, she told about her mother. A few months later mom found it in the new year under the tree. Nina’s doll was her favorite toy. Dad’s Wife, in childhood he loved to play with cars. His favorite car was the truck blue. Grandma Nadia also loved dolls. Her favorite doll Valya with blue eyes and blond hair. My grandfather Vito’s favorite childhood toy was the horse of dawn.

Напишите текст про технологии vr реальность, компьютеры, смартфоны, ноутбуки. На ваш выбор 120/160 слов. На английском. Можно употреблять самые простые предложения, слова. Главное попасть в отметку по количеству слов.

Computer is one of the greatest invention за the world. everyone needs computer knowledge dispired their proffession. ordinary computer can remember only the dara stored in the hard disk. now scientists have desighed machines that are capable of learning from experience and remembering what they have learned. information science with the ideas and message of processing and storing information is of great importance today. thats why computer technology must be use in secondary school. the pupils teach computers to investigate school problems. school computers are used not only for studying information science but also examination purposes. there are many kinds of computers such as notebook, pocket and others. we use computer for studying, learning new, to find some information, working, doing homework and of course playing games. i believe that it’s a good idea to spend free time playing computer games. i guess people must work on computer not more then 2 hours a day. But there is a dark side of rhe problem. modern children spend too much time in front to computers. they live in virtual space forgetting about real world. it causes phychological problems such people have difficults relationship in their family. playing games too much hurts their eyeside. they read less, they aren’t fond of anth but computer games. and sometimes much people must be treated by doctors.