написать текст на английском о субботе 80-100 слов (с переводом).

Если не учишься по субботам:
Saturday! A wonderful time when you wake up rested and you understand, Saturday started, the day off began. Before dinner I sit around idle. After lunch, as if on a schedule, I begin to learn lessons. I do not want to, but I have to. It is also necessary to help parents. On Saturday, I help them most. Then with a clean heart I can go for a walk with friends. It’s on Saturday that we run into adventures. After such adventures, I return home with a wonderful mood. In the evening I sit at the computer, phone, TV, like all normal people, who have nothing to do at night. So my interesting Saturday passes. I always want to repeat this Saturday, but Saturday always flies quickly

Если учишься:
Saturday - what could be more important and better? Although I go to school on Saturday, I like it very much anyway. My typical Saturday begins with the words "Lord, one day to suffer more. and on Sunday I’ll sleep." On Saturday, time at school seems to stop. But after school, like breathing in the smell of freedom! Houses have to help parents, but it’s not so difficult, I sometimes even like helping older ones. Only in the evening you can sit quietly, reflect, think about everything that happened to you in a week. Gradually forget about the lessons, dress headphones. and relax. Such a boring and at the same time an interesting Saturday is with me.

Надо перевести текст на английский
Привет Мадина, Мой любимый фильм Гарри Поттер. Это фантастика. Фильм о мальчике который выжил. Про этот фильм сняли 8 частей. Но автор книги Джоан Рулинг написала еще одну часть ”Гарри Поттер и Проклятое дитя”. Фильм еще не сняли Warner Brothers плонируют снять к 2020 году. Но актеры Дэниэл Рэдклифф и Эмма Уотсон отказываются сниматься. Есть шансы что фильм вообще не будут снимать так как фанаты хотят видить в фильме привычных им актеров. Я искренне хочу чтобы фильм сняли и обязательно прочитаю книгу.

Hi Madina, My favorite movie is Harry Potter. It’s fantastic. The film is about a boy who survived. About this movie took 8 pieces. But the author of the book Joan of Ruling has written another part of ”Harry Potter and the Cursed child”. Film still not removed Warner Brothers planiruyut to remove by 2020. But actors Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson want to do. There are chances that the film will not generally remove as fans want to see in the film, their usual actors. I sincerely wish the film was removed and will definitely read the book.

Hi Madina. My favourite film is Harry Potter. This is  fantastic film. The film about boy who alive. About this movie took 8 pieces. But the author of the book Joan Roaling has written another part "Harry Potter and the Cursed child". Film still not removed Warner Brothers planing to removed by 2020. But actors Daniel Radcliff and Emma Wotson  want to do. There are chances that the film will not generally remove as funs want to see in the film their usual actors. I sincerelly wish the film was removed and will definetely read the book/

Составьте, текст - мнение по английски на тему Computers: A blessing or a curse? (120-150 слов)

Essay: "Computers: A blessing or a curse?"
Computers have become an essential thing in our lives. Some people appreciate the invention of computers and others do not. Most people can’t even imagine their lives without the computer. Checking the weather on your phone or tablet seems like an everyday thing but just a few years ago it wasn’t. It’s incredible how far science has gone in this small amount of time.  I personally think that computer is a blessing. A lot of things can be done a lot faster with the invention of computers. For example, computers do extremely hard maths in matters of a second! These machines can even generate incredibly large algorithms those can do impossible things, we thought! Computers can store most of the books, films or other culture on their hard-disks which take minimal space in your flat. Previously, you had to go to libraries, and now you can just type anything you want to find in the search engine, and you will get it as fast as you possibly can!On the other hand, if you play or work on the computer for too long, your eyes would be hurt and your eyesight would be lowered. Moreover, surfing the Net always wastes an enormous amount of time, there is a lot of propaganda and adverts everywhere on the Internet. That is right, I agree that people mustn’t sit in front of the screen for too long or it’d be harmful to your health. To sum up, I think that invention of the computer is a critical moment in our history. For sure, computers have a lot more pros than cons, but you shouldn’t spend too much time in front of a computer or it’d be bad for your health, so, despite all the disadvantages that computer has, I’d consider it as a blessing.

Написать 10 предложений текста на английском о фигурном катании

Figure skating is one of the sports in the world. To engage in figure skating you need to spend a lot of time and effort. In figure skating, men and women can participate. Figure skating is one of the world’s sports. In Russia there are many masters of sports in figure skating, one of them is Evgeni Plushenko. He participated in the Olympic Games. He scored many victories, often took first place. He has a lot of medals, especially gold medals. Such athletes as he leads Russia to victory. I want that in our country there were more athletes like him.

маленький текст о спасении животных на английском

A lot of animals die because of people’s fault. The number of species is diminishing nowadays. The reason for it is the slighting attitude to ecology. But not everybody thinks that it is a serious problem.                                      

There are two opinions on this issue: some people suppose the animal’s death not to be a vital issue nowadays. Others disagree with them. I think that the latter opinion is right.
The disappearance of animals is a very important problem. Firstly, a lot of species are helpful for people. Animals give us food, clothes, and different materials. Secondly, every spice is the result of evolution, and we destroy millennial legacy killing animals. Thirdly, no one living creature deserves death. Every being has the right to live.
But some people think that the rescue of animals is the waste of money. There are more important things to pay attention to. A lot of animals are also dangerous.
In my opinion, they are not right. The rescue of lives can not be in vain. The correct treatment of animals is the guarantee of your safety.
Luckily it is possible to save a lot of lives, and we will be able to do it if we want. But it was just my opinion. Of course, everyone remains unconvinced.   

по английскому составить текст на тему "Собирать грибы и ягоды"

Мы пошли всей семьёй в лес, собирать ягоды и грибы. Первым гриб нашёл папа потом я и мама. Папа нашёл подосиновик, а мы с мамой подберёзовики. Мы набрали 3 корзины грибов. И стали искать ягоды нам очень понравилась черника и ежевика. Мы очень устали и пошли домой. Тащили корзины мы все по очереди, а мне доставалось из всех 7 корзин всего две с ягодами в одной корзине и грибами в другой.  
Перевод : We went all the family into the forest, gather berries and mushrooms. The first mushroom was found by my dad then I and my mother. Dad found a boil, and my mother and I are podberezoviki. We scored 3 mushroom pickets. And they began to look for berries, we really liked blueberries and blackberries. We were very tired and went home. We dragged the baskets all in turn, and I got from all 7 carzines only two with berries in one basket

, ПЕРЕВЕДИТЕ ТЕКСТ НА АНГЛИЙСКИЙ С УПОТРЕБЛЕНИЕМ AS. AS ИЛИ NOT AS:1 Этот дом не такой большой, как тот. 2 Моя чашка такая же большая, как твоя. 3 Баскетбол не такая популярная игра, как футбол. 4 Он не занимается так часто, как Том. 5 Я тренируюсь так же долго, как ты. 6 Мы шли так же быстро, как они.

1 This house is not as big as the one
2 My cup is as big as yours
3 Basketball is not such a popular game as football.
4 He does not practice as often as Tom.
5 I train as long as you.
6 We walked as fast as they did.

1. that house is not as big as the one2. My cup is as big as yours3. Basketball is not such a popular game as football. 4. He does not practice as often as Tom. 5. train as long as you6. We walked as fast as they did___________держи.

перевести текст на английский
Неподалеку от Геленджика на берегу моря обнаружили ящик с зенитными снарядами. Боеприпасы нашли жители села Архипо-Осиповка, предположительно, их выбросило на берег штормом. По данным пограничников, в штатной упаковке шведского концерна Bofors было четыре 40-мм зенитных снаряда. Такое оружие принято на вооружение в странах НАТО, сообщает «Интерфакс». Несмотря на повреждения корпуса ящика, его содержимое оказалось в боеспособном состоянии. Данные о снарядах передали в органы внутренних дел.

Not far from Gelendzhik on the seashore they discovered a box with antiaircraft missiles. Ammunition was found by the residents of Arkhipo-Osipovka village, presumably, they were thrown ashore by storm. According to the border guards, the standard packaging of the Swedish concern Bofors had four 40-mm anti-aircraft guns. Such weapons have been adopted in NATO countries, reports Interfax. Despite the damage to the case of the box, its contents turned out to be in a combat-ready state. Data on the shells were transferred to the internal affairs bodies.

переведите правильно текст на английский
"мои зимние каникул ы прошли отлично. Я их провела у бабушки. К счастью выпало много снега. Мы с друзьями играли в снежки, катались на санках и лепили снеговиков. А вечером я смотрела телевизор или играла на компьютере. Также мы с бабушкой ходилив многие незнакомые для меня места например на работу. Там я познакомилась с очень интересными людьми которые давали мне конфеты. Ещё мы ходили в множество интересных мест но больше всего мне запомнилась львовская кофейня. Она была выполнена в украинском стиле все там были нарядные и красивые. А новый год и рождество мы провели дома.
так прошли мои летние каникулы

My winter break s were great. I spent with my grandmother. luckily it snowed a lot. my friends and I played in the snow, went sledding and made snowmen. and in the evening I watched TV or played on the computer. also, my grandmother Chodiev a unfamiliar place for me for example to work. there I met very interesting people who gave me candy. we went to many interesting places but most of all I remember the coffee house of Lviv. it was made in Ukrainian style were all elegant and beautiful. new year and Christmas we spent at home. so I spent my summer vacation